Mattri C.

Another Happy Parent

It is an honor and Joy to be learning from Master O and I enthusiastically recommend training with him. My daughter has been endeavoring Taekwondo with Master O over last 3 years. I have seen a positive change in the course of her journey.  She has become more Confident and athletic.  Master O is very dedicated, professional and yet friendly with students of all ages. He teaches each class with the same energy, passion and minute attention to each student. It would be an understatement to say Master O is the best Master to learn from.

Hilary Holloway

Proud Parent

Today was a big deal for Jacob, and there you were right beside him. It was my fault we came in at the wrong time, but you were kind enough to let him try the big kids class. When he got nervous, you didn’t let him back out. You are shaping our sons’ life, and I see it in each of your students as well. You don’t have to care as much as you do, and for that, we thank you.